The VFit Squad is the ultimate nutritional support system for your busy life. We have designed this program with one simple goal: to change the way you look at health forever.

In case you haven't realized yet, DIETS don't work. They restrict what you give yourself both mentally and physically. They are often set around strict rules telling you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. When "said" diet is done, you find yourself back shoveling down that ice cream you "couldn't" have and falling right back into old habits.

It's time to change your approach to health once and for all!

In true VFit fashion, we're here to arm you with REAL life tools that will work in your busy life and connect you with an AMAZING team of like-minded others, coming together to motivate and inspire each other.

So let's crush the myth that one approach works for all. 

Our goal is to lay a strong foundation that supports lasting change. And to have a whole lot of fun doing so. 

At the VFit Squad, we believe that optimal health revolves around SEVEN very important "Pillars of Health":

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Self-Care
  • Outdoors
  • Gratitude & Celebration

The VFit Squad is an exceptionally effective, interactive wellness program, unlike anything you’ve ever heard of. Our out-of-the-box approach has completely changed the way our members look at health, and the results speak for themselves. Ready to learn more about a community-building health program that users are calling “perfect,” “transformative,” and “awesome”? 

Your Monthly Membership to the VFit Squad will arm you with the tools and community you need to THRIVE and take your health to the next level. We can't wait to welcome you to the VFit Squad team and are here should you have any questions.


Take your health back. Join the VFit Squad.
Join the VFit Squad

The VFit Squad is a monthly membership program, granting you access to a host of online resources, recipes, and planning tools, as well as connecting you to a supportive, interactive and educational private community.

Get access to over 250 recipes when you sign up with the VFit Squad membership
View over 250 Recipes

Membership to the VFit Squad grants you 24/7 accesss to our EXTENSIVE Recipe Rolodex. We feature over 250 REAL Food Recipes that will fuel your body and mind.

Part of the VFit Squad membership, you can add your recipes to the meal planner
Design Weekly Meal Plans

Your VFit Squad membership includes access to our customizable weekly Meal Planning Template. Simply drag and drop recipes from our Rolodex to create a custom meal plan each and every week.

Part of the VFit Squad membership, you can download the meal planner into a shopping list
Downloadable Shopping Lists

Your VFit Squad membership includes the ability to create custom shopping lists. Create a custom shopping list from your meal plan, or add the recipes you would like to use directly to your shopping list.

Get access to the VFit Squad Support Group to help with your fitness goals
Access the VFit Squad Support

And possibly the most important part of the VFit Squad program is the incredible team you will become a part of. Arm yourself with positive and like-minded teammates and gain access to ask questions of your Trainers at any time.

Take your health back. Join the VFit Squad!!

Join the VFit Squad for only $10/month (monthly auto-pay) and get immediate access to all online resources and community support. Your health is THE best investment you can make. Ready to start your journey? We are!


The VFit Squad was co-created by Rachele Jaegers, Owner of The VFit Studio.

Hailing from the city life of growing up in the Bay Area, CA, Rachele now lives in a community in the Eastern Sierras. She's certified in Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training and Group Fitness from NAFC, and earned a B.A. in Business Administration from CSU Chico. Rachele is a full-time wife/mom and empire builder! It is her mission to share that health should be fun, and bring out the VERY best in each and every one of us.

When food and lifestyle changes cured her husband from debilitating health issues, she was on a new mission to share how powerful a healthy lifestyle can be. Health goes far beyond following a pre-set diet plan, created for the masses.

Rachele believes that we are all individually wired and that by simply focusing on eating REAL food and feeding the body and soul what it needs in the form of exercise, sleep, hydration, Vitamin D, self-care, and gratitude, you will find a sustainable level of health you never knew was possible.

Health should not be complicated, nor should it feel like a never-ending list of things you "can't" do or have!

The VFit Squad was created from years and years of working with membership groups and discovering the founding principles that allow for the creation of strategies and roadmaps that work for each and every person on an individual level. At VFit, we believe that exercise should be fun and that food is fuel.

Long gone are the days of chicken breasts and broccoli every darn day. The VFit Squad is here to arm YOU with an arsenal of tools and support so that health no longer feels like a chore, and instead, you enjoy treating the one place you have to live -  your body - the very best you know how to.

We can't wait to greet you on the team and be part of the journey that we are all training for around here - LIFE!

Sweaty mom and kids after a online virtual fitness workout


Sandra a member of VFit Squad

VFit Squad is an encouraging, non-judgmental, supportive team that arms you with killer tools to help you achieve your goals. This team has helped me make small, sustainable adjustments to my lifestyle that have added up to huge wins for my health & happiness!

Sandra R.
Aimee a member of VFit Squad

I have been part of the VFit Squad for several years and over that time my whole outlook on nutrition and eating has changed. I have, essentially, relearned how to eat. Now I eat cleaner, healthier, and feel 100 times better for it! The amazing team cheers along with your successes and guides you through your challenges. One of the best decisions I ever made for my health.

Aimee T.
Steph a member of VFit Squad

The past couple years have been the busiest of my life, owning a business and having two kids, and yet because of VFit Squad, I have also been the most consistent with keeping on a regular health program. It is simple and brilliantly works.

Stephanie W.
Amanda a member of VFit Squad

VFit Squad has helped me change the way I view food, nutrition, and health. In a supportive, fun, and friendly format, VFit Squad helps you attain your goals of living your best life!

Amanda A.
Cori a member of VFit Squad

I love VFit Squad because it’s about re-framing how you live. It’s not about quick diets or crazy workouts. It’s a lifestyle program that focuses on all of you. You are so much more than calories in-calories out and this program will help you achieve whole body wellness!

Cori D.


You see at the VFit Squad, we give a big middle finger to the constant struggle of cleanses, quick fixes, diets and detoxes!

If that is your jam ( and there are some reputable programs out there), the VFitSquad Reset will work as a great compliment and will focus way beyond just what you put in your mouth.

To us, health comes down to 7 VERY important pillars:


We want you to find what works for you and that you can sustain for the long haul. WHY? Because what works for YOU in those areas, may not be what some mega-author has written, in a one-sized fit's all book. So if you want this to take a reign on your health, to find lifestyle changes that will work once and for all and to have fun doing so, this is the program for you!

Where "no" is not in our vocabulary.

We love saying YES!

You have tried every diet program under the sun. They never stick! Stop beating yourself up, it's not your fault. It's the way we have been wired through our quick-results drive, one size fits all diet approaches.

It's time to change your approach! It's time to stop saying NO and start saying YES!

Not a single thing is off limits, that's not how we roll. No scare tactics around here, or overloading your brain with so much information it hurts. Just a bunch of REAL people wanting to inspire, educate and find the best versions of ourselves together on this team. We are here to arm you with the tools and strategies to take your health to the highest level, and keep it there!

FUN FACT: when you join the VFit Squad, you'll never have to wonder if a particular food is "complaint." And dare we say, it's better than just about anything else out there.

Just sayin'

Come share, learn, laugh, and break through boundaries with your Squad.

Your membership for only $10/month includes:

  • A Personal online account with our website.
  • Access to our Recipe Rolodex with 250+ nutritionist-approved recipes
  • Access to create custom Shopping Lists
  • Access to Interactive Meal Planning Templates
  • Access to create your own "favorites" recipe book from our Rolodex
  • Access to Q&A with Certified Nutrition Coaches
  • Private Facebook Support Page
  • ...and SO much more!

Ready to start your journey? We are. Sign up today and have instant access to all things VFit Squad!

VFit members excited to be part of the VFit Squad